My experience in learning the English Language in a French-speaking country though peer learning groups
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My experience in learning the English Language in a French-speaking country though peer learning groups

In Mali, a French-speaking country, learning English can be difficult, but joining a peer learning group helps to develop and improve transferable skills

In the past decades, learning the English Language was a luxury many could not afford. We had the choice to pay a tutor, enroll in a language center, or travel abroad to English speaking countries. However, now with a range of English clubs to choose from, being fluent in English is easy and affordable. These clubs, constitute gathering spaces for individuals united by a shared and unwavering objective: the continuous improvement of their English language skills. They help learners through activities on listening, speaking, writing and reading.

English clubs provide a meeting place for diverse participants, often from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. As such, they provide a space where diverse and constructive opinions emerge to form multiple visions and goals for community service. As not-for-profit organizations, many clubs focus on self-improvement and civic engagement and adhere to an apolitical stance, with religious issues having no place in their sphere. As the chairperson of English Practice Club, I have witnessed the power a club has in motivating young people to volunteer through activities such as tree planting and offering free English classes to underprivileged learners.

A space to bolster youth employment and professional development

Members of many clubs have benefited from opportunities for internships, employment, networking and cooperation with people from all walks of life. These opportunities stemmed from the various networks they created through their club membership and because they were given a space to share their passions and career goals through presentations and speeches. Many young people have won scholarships and participated in exchange programs because of their skills acquired and the community service through the clubs. These opportunities have enabled members to broaden their horizons, improve their career prospects and foster significant international connection. These make English clubs vital platforms for personal and professional development with indelible impact on the lives of their members.

Upon joining English Practice Club, I embarked on a journey of learning from esteemed leaders, absorbing their wisdom and expertise. By actively engaging in voluntary initiatives and community-driven projects, I have developed a deep-rooted passion for making a positive change in the lives of people around me. It has shaped my values and provided me with invaluable insights into the true essence of leadership.

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