As adults, we should be builders of dreams, not demolishers, for our children.
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As adults, we should be builders of dreams, not demolishers, for our children

Science has shown that childhood is a very critical period for our physical, emotional and mental growth. As a result, our lives are shaped by the positive and negative experiences we have as children.

Children do not evolve in their own bulb, but are shaped by the community in which they grow up. Childhood is the period of life when we learn to socialize and form dreams about our future. These dreams range from wanting to become a doctor or a teacher to simply having enough to eat. For example, some children see adults who are policemen, doctors, accountants or bankers and want to be like them in the future. Others close their eyes at night and see themselves as their parents or relatives repairing motorbikes, tailoring, hairdressing or shoemaking. But these dreams can be supported, strengthened and fulfilled, or they can be shattered by the behavior and words of adults.

What was my dream is now yours to realize

What’s more, many parents want to see their children fulfil the dreams they were unable to realize; they exert pressure, give instructions and even make choices for their children, thereby killing their initial dreams. Other dream-killing parents are those who discourage their children from pursuing their dreams because of the beliefs and social norms that surround them. These parents put pressure on their children who dream of becoming artists, singers, drummers and so on.

Dreams can also be shaped by exposure to soap operas, cartoons, series, shows and social media platforms. These create dreams of the future in children’s heads. Although some parents think that exposure to the screen makes children responsible individuals, it can have the opposite effect. That’s why I think parents should try to maintain a balance, teaching their children that there is a time for leisure, but also a time for working towards their dreams through education and social and community engagement.

We can and must guide the formation and fulfilment of children’s dreams without forcing or trampling on them

Parents often think that they must safeguard our children’s future at all costs through their words and actions. That’s noble and laudable, but we mustn’t forget that children learn from us and that they should be free to make their own mistakes and, above all, have the freedom to dream and the tools to realize healthy dreams and work on unhealthy ones. It’s also possible to pave the way for children by following their progress at school and helping them to learn what they’re passionate about. In any case, talking to children from time to time prepares them for their responsibilities.

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