Climate change, an issue that we are westernizing
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Climate change, an issue that we are westernizing

When we talk about climate change, we often get the impression that only the developed nations that emit the most pollutants should be concerned. However, even if our contributions are minimal or non-existent, climate change poses a greater threat to sub-Saharan countries.

In recent years there have been a lot of summits, media campaign and reports, resolutions, and discourse about climate change. Yet, our generation, seem so more preoccupied with social media challenges and trends, than its survival. We often complain that our choices are overshadowed and our concerns and aspirations overlooked, yet it only when its too late that we get interested in serious matter of our survival.

Pollution and our contribution to a darker future for future generations

When media portray climate change, when summit happens about it, the gloomiest images are of China, India, and other industrialized nations. Our nations are rarely mentioned, the debate about it is not even on the agenda of some lawmaking organs. Yet we do contribute through one of its root causes: pollution. As we know pollution affects our air quality but also water and soil. Despite the fact that many of us assume that Mali is less polluated because less industrialized, the emission that our motorbikes, cars and other engines make are not negligible.

Our collective and individual actions through use of fossil fuels has a negative impact on our environment, health, and on animals. Particles may be invisible but, they destroy the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Also, most of us have witnessed how much waste goes into the river Niger through toxic substances, home wastes and likes. Imagine this is the same water treated with chemicals that we end up drinking daily.

Small gains, big losses: the use of chemicals in farming

What breaks my heart above all, is the use of chemicals by farmers. Consciously or unconsciously, for momentary gains, these contribute to deteriorating the quality of soil we leave behind for the next generation. I imagine many of us saying or imagining that it is all in the hands of God and that we have much to worry about than climate change. Some may even think it’s a new trend that is being used to gain media attention and money for nonprofit organizations. Yet, when we look around, take time to think, we will notice that our climate is rapidly changing, Sahara Desert is getting wider and engulfing us. That is why we need to educate communities on the importance of small individual such as recycling, waste management, and use of renewal energy. All these need to be accompanied with collective actions in addition to political stances and actions.

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  1. So my point of view about this topic climate change and also my dear brother Mr Keïta did a great job now a day if we remarque the climate you know that dear writer Mr Keïta told essentially so this topic is important a thanks brother to share this experience so keep on

  2. This article is a real boom. What struck me the most is the use of chemicals by our farmers. Our countries should ban the importing of those chemicals as they’re aware of their harmful outcomes. Otherwise, within 5 decades, we’ll welcome starvation in our lands.

    Thank you for this great worth reading article.

  3. I found Mr. Django’s article absolutely instructive
    Through this article I discovered how to prevent my environment from « pollution ». Hope we will get more helpful and outstanding articles from you Mr. Django.

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